Bambi Medical

Bambi Medical is a startup with a mission. Blatter Legal supports her from the beginning with all legal aspects of the company.


Our customer Bambi Medical has a beautiful mission. Pediatrician Sidarto Bambang Oetomo has devised a system that brings premature babies closer to their parents, the Bambi Belt. Because of the development of the Bambi Belt, these babies are no longer dependent on sticky electrical systems. In contrast to the existing systems, Bambi Belt is made of a soft fabric, skin friendly and wireless. It performs the same functions as the self-adhesive electrode systems currently used in the NICUs.

The belt functions as a disposable belt that is wrapped around the baby's breast. Sensors integrated in the Bambi Belt measure critical data, while a small Sensor Module sends the captured data to our portable monitor. The solution can work stand-alone or in combination with existing patient monitors. A nice side effect is that the non-sticky texture of the belt reduces the pain and stress of babies. While the wireless functions allow parents to take the baby out of the incubator and nurse it.

The Bambi Belt is expected to be launched on the market in 2020.


Blatter Legal has been happy to support Bambi Belt in the development of the company for several years now. Especially in the field of corporate law (term sheets, shareholder agreements, loan agreements) and commercial contracts (e.g. supply agreements and development services agreements), International Sales Agreements and Management Agreements) and general legal advice.

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