Cevap has developed a unique technology and is conquering more and more markets. Blatter Legal is happy to support her in this.


CEVAP Technology is a startup in the field of water treatment technology. CEVAP Technology develops a solution for thermal water treatment by applying unique technology driven by residual heat. CEVAP Technology has developed a smart evaporator-based prototype that can handle difficult wastewater streams economically. CEVAP has been able to demonstrate good thermal performance using low-cost materials, enabling the use of a cartridge-based multi-effect evaporator system that minimizes both operational and initial investment costs. The use of replaceable cartridges eliminates the need for extensive (chemical) cleaning, pre-treatment and downtime of the system due to contamination and limescale. The overall target market for CEVAP is the low to medium (waste) water flow gap, for which no economical solution is currently available. The first target markets are the Biomass and Chemical industry; future markets include the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the drinking water industry.


Blatter Legal has been happy to support Cevap in the development of the company for several years now. Especially in the field of corporate law (term sheets, shareholder agreements, loan agreements) and commercial contracts (e.g. supply agreements and development services agreements), International Sales Agreements and Management Agreements) and general legal advice.

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