Blatter Legal is proud of its partnership with Lightyear and through this partnership is helping to build the first car that can run entirely on solar.


The Dutch company Lightyear wants to build a family car that runs on energy from the sun. The Lightyear One is a four-wheel drive electric family car. This car should be able to run purely on solar power, almost without recharging. A five-door family car with a large range. Lightyear needs 30 million to build the first cars. The sales price of the car will be 119,000 euros. Those who want to be among the first drivers can already sign up now. The first 100 drivers will immediately pay 119,000 euros for the Pioneer Edition. You can also subscribe to the Lightyear One, the down payment will then be 19,000 euros. You then pay another ton when the Lightyear is delivered. That is expected to be in 2021. The purchase amounts mentioned are exclusive of tax. The company is building a production hall in Helmond where it will make the first prototypes. The solar car will be a top Dutch product. Developed and built in Brabant.


For several years, Blatter Legal has been happy to support the people of Lightyear in the development, financing and construction of their car and in particular in the drafting and negotiation of relevant agreements in the areas of corporate law (term sheets, shareholder agreements, loan agreements) and commercial contracts (e.g. supply agreements and development services agreements), International Sales Agreements and Management Agreements) and general legal advice.

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