Magnetic Innovations

Magnetic Innovations produces and develops exclusive electromechanical products. Blatter Legal supports her in all legal matters.


Magnetic Innovations is an advanced knowledge centre and supplier for tailor-made electromechanical products. They focus on rotation motors/generators and linear drives.

The products developed in the Netherlands are supplied by Magnetic Innovations from Czech & Chinese production locations. The combination of advanced knowledge, innovative concepts and high-quality production locations of Magnetic Innovations contributes to a good competitive position for its customers.


For some years now, Blatter Legal has been happy to support Magnetic Innovations' people in the development, financing and management of their company, in particular in the drafting and negotiation of relevant agreements in the field of company law (term sheets, shareholder agreements) and commercial contracts (e.g. Supply Agreements, Agency Agreements, General Terms and Conditions, Licence Agreements) and general legal advice.

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