Onera represents a revolutionary change in sleep diagnostics. Blatter Legal is happy to contribute to this.


Onera is a spin-off of imec Netherlands and is involved in sleep diagnostics. Within the Netherlands, more and more people are suffering from a sleep disorder. These include insomnia, sleep apnea and narcolepsy. In view of the fact that a human being spends an average of 32 years of his or her life on sleeping, it is of course annoying when sleeping doesn't go well. To find out the cause of your sleep problems Onera has developed a method that is simpler than the current research method. Instead of many sensors, Onera's patches can more easily test where the sleep disorder comes from. Moreover, Onera's solution for patients is cheaper than the existing techniques. In short, Onera makes sleep diagnosis more accessible and thus opens the way to a good night's sleep for everyone.


For several years, Blatter Legal has been happy to support the people of Onera in the development, financing and management of their product, particularly in the drafting and negotiation of relevant agreements in the field of corporate law (investment round, term sheets, shareholder agreements, loan agreements) and commercial contracts (e.g. licensing agreements, consultancy agreements and research and collaboration agreements) and general legal advice.

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