ICT & E-Business

What does ICT and E-Business mean? ICT stands for information and communication technology, which includes the development and management of systems, networks, databases and websites. E-Business is the collective name for all ways in which trade can be conducted via computer networks (e.g. the internet or an extranet). Both areas have common ground with other areas of law, such as intellectual property law, company law and contract law.

ICT and E-Business

E-Business covers all forms of online trading by (amongst others) the use of information communication technologies (ICT). As a result of digitization in recent decades, E-Business and ICT have become major concepts. This means that when you, as an entrepreneur within your organization, use IT systems, apps or any other form of ICT, you must ensure that you are familiar with the rules that apply to you and how to deal with them.

The consumer

Through the use of E-Business, your organization often also has to deal with the consumer. Consumers are strongly protected by law. You should also take this into account when your website provides clear information and you take the rights of consumers into account.

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Diane Renders

ICT and E-Business occur in almost every organization. It is important that you adhere to the rules that apply to them.
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