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What are Terms of Use? Terms of Use are, in plain language, the agreement between you and the user of your software/app. The Terms of Use determine the way the user should behave, the way the app/software can be used, the minimum age for using the app/software, etc. 

The benefits of good terms of use

Having good terms of use can improve trust between your organization and your customers, protect your app/software from abuse and help you limit your liability and risks. As an app developer, it's in your best interest to lay down the terms and conditions in your app. By the way, there is no legal obligation to use these terms and conditions. Nor do you necessarily need them to launch a mobile app in an app store. But from a legal as well as a business point of view, it should be regarded as an essential step.

What do the terms of use include?

There are a number of very important things you can arrange in the terms of use. First of all, the so-called 'forbidden use': the purpose of listing a 'forbidden use' clause is to inform your users about the activities and behaviours that are strictly forbidden on the mobile app/in the software. This includes matters such as collecting information from other users without their consent, trying to disassemble or reverse-engineer the mobile app software, encouraging app users to use other competing mobile apps and organizations, and participating in activities that prevent other users from being able to use the app/software normally. You will also include intellectual property rights to the app/software in the terms of use. This can also be arranged in a separate EULA. Furthermore, a distinction will always be made in the terms of use between User content and your content. This is certainly the case when the users of your app/software have the possibility to create their own content (e.g. by editing photos). This content will usually remain the user's content, but you will then receive a right of use to it. Furthermore, the terms of payment, who is liable for problems with the app/software and how the customer can terminate the agreement will be specified.


Terms of use can be qualified as general terms and conditions. It is therefore important that these terms and conditions are provided in the correct way. You can read more about this on our general terms and conditions page.

Any questions?

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In the age of mobile apps and technology, it's more important than ever to protect your organization. A simple and effective way to do so is by having a Terms of Use.
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