Service Agreement

What is a service agreement? A service agreement is an agreement in which a company (the service provider) undertakes to provide a service to the contracting party. The agreement to provide a service sets out the conditions under which the service in question is offered to the customer. The service provider receives a fee for the provision of his service. The service must comply with the provisions set out in the agreement.

Content of the service agreement

The service agreement includes, among other things, a description of the parties involved in the agreement, a description of relevant administrative aspects, a description of the services to be provided, arrangements concerning the delivery of the services, arrangements concerning intellectual property rights, commercial warranty provisions, the response time and problem recovery. Based on the service agreement, it becomes clear which service, of which quality level at which moment, at which price, will be provided. The amount of the costs associated with the service will be determined, depending on the type of services and their interpretation.

Quality terms and conditions

The service agreement shall also contain the quality conditions with regard to the services to be provided. By means of the contract, the customer is aware of the details of the costs of the services. Based on the agreement, the customer can hold the service provider liable if he does not meet the agreed quality requirements. Since the quality conditions are laid down in advance, this is easy to check.

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